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Woman Within Circles are a space to slow down, check in & be heard with acceptance & respect.

Connect deeply with yourself & other women.

Woman Within Circles are a space unlike any other. So often in life, when we express ourselves we are met with judgment, advice or someone trying to "fix" us. Circles provide a space for women to be truly authentic, to be heard and to be received with acceptance and a deep level of understanding. In circle, we have the opportunity to explore who we are and who we want to be, and nourish ourselves through all the ups and downs of life.  Join a circle today and deepen self-awareness, confidence and intuitive wisdom. 

3 ways to join a circle

The Open Circles have given me the opportunity to be truly supported by women in my community. I never knew the power and importance of sharing with other women in this way. Not only do the circles remind me of my own value, self-worth, and voice, they also remind me of the power and strength of those women living in my own community. It is an honor to have this support.
I believe that the thought that women together can change the world is emerging into the minds and hearts of many of us, and that the vessel for personal and planetary evolution is the circle with a spiritual center.

Jean Shinoda Bolen

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