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“I stand on the sacrifices of a million women before me thinking, what can I do to make this mountain taller so the women after me can see farther" (Legacy - Rupi Kaur)

We honor all the women who made it possible for us to be here today. Thank you for saying yes, for stepping into your powerful leader and giving selflessly to this work. We are where we are today because of you! We honor all your contributions and in doing so we claim our place in the present. In claiming our place in the present, we make space for what is to come and support the forward movement of energy towards the future. Because of all the women who came before, and all the women still to come, we are able to see further.

The Rose Award

One way of honoring women of service, is our annual Rose Award. The recipient of this award is a woman who has given her time, service, and gifts to provide opportunities for other women to discover the power of who they are. Service can be in relationship to aspects of the Woman Within Weekend, serving on local boards, or in general service to the larger community.  There are many women in all regions that live this mission. Each year, Woman Within International invites the regions to nominate one woman to be honored as a recipient of the President’s Rose Award, along with the nominees selected by the Leadership Circle Directors of WWIL from the larger community. If you know of a woman that meets these criteria for nomination: a woman who inspires others and exemplifies the mission of Woman Within International and whom you feel deserves this recognition, you will be able to vote for this extraordinary women when the rose award nominations open annually.


Ania Mieszkowska
Claire Buchanan
Donna Elser
Fran Williams
Gail Battaglia
Joan Naughton
Julie Boon
Karen Sharp
Melissa Kelly
Nancy Orr
Natalie Robbins
Rachel Veach
Sigrid Biegel
Susan Nicol


Ann DiLoreto

Anneke Coetzer

Annie Gilmour

Christina Smith 

Dawn Speed

Delphine Dontenville

Francoise Berry

Linda Rawlings

Liz Megson 

Monica Glinzler

Nancy Board

Shelley Hunt-Nichols

Terri Gerke


Anthea Swift 

Ayesha Kamal 

Carmen Arrata

Dee Read  

Joanna Klein Stanfield 

Lynn Seilo 

Marie-Antoinette Reichlin

Mechtild Moes 

Pam McLeod 

Phryne Williams

Susan Beazley 

Susan Holtmeulen 

Susan Owens 


Gayle Jamail

Mary Jane Morgan

Mellon Horsell 


Charlotte Tait

Joyce Foster

Kay Vogel

Patty Simpson


Bettina Wright

Catherine Harris

Dubravka Deppen

Gloria Mais

Jocelyn Tate

Judith Pauly

Judy Donovan

Judy Rudin

Liane Durra

Stephanie Kramp

Terri Ondrejka

Yvonne Taylor


Alison Davis

Christine Tosi

Denice Smith

Doris O’Brien

Francie Baltazar

Judy Mills

Laurie Riedman

Louise Lovhahl

Katrina Taee

Maggie Johnson

Marilyn Jaffe

Mary Donovan Scuka

Rhonda Gaughan

Sheri Zuccato

Suzannah Hart

Terri Ondrejka


Corneille Ellis 

Daniela Perey 

Delphine Dontenville 

Jane Francis 

Joanne Antoine

Maria Freytag 

Marie Bice 

Martina Tesmer

Megan Quinn

Monika Schmieg

Natasha Taylor

Regina Mountjoy 

Stacy Benjatka-Robins

Sylvia Kerry

Change Circle: 

Beth Holland

Christine Duke

Irmy Heiber

Jane Carvell


Beth Deruelle

Debbie Targett

JJ Lassberg

Judy Rudin

Lois Kemp

Lydia de Bortoli

Margaret Renaud

Sarah Maier

Shannon Jauregui

Susan Bates

Trine Zacho

Viviane Kaneff


Donna Elser

Gloria Smith

Liane Neave

Marily Vouillamoz

Mary Ann Armour

Paula Riehle

Sandy Mills


Jeanine Baker

Julie Boon

Teresita Fawcett


Barb Lucke

Cathy Peltier

Donna Dolinky

Erin Farrar

Hilary Stirling

Judy Rudin

Lee Kurtz

Mary Gould

Nora Taee

Sasha Van Nes

Tracey Hall

Viviane Kaneff


Dubravka Deppen

Gina Bulcke

Jeanine Baker

Paula Alter


Carol Kahn

Deb Richards

Diane Vella

Gloria Smith

Jennifer Gilchrist

Joanne Alfeld

Joyce Brahm

Juliette Clancy

Gaye Hall

Karen Kahn Wilson

Linda Iler

Maggie Anderson

Marlene Nappa

Martha Posey

Mary Ann Armour

Monica Wright Dempsey

Renée Riley-Adams


Cindy Christensen

Ingrid Lotze

Karen Marsh

Katja Layher-Segal

Kellye Kimball

Kristen Wray

Lauren Henry

Marcia Stone

Sabine Huguet

Sinta Ebersohn

Stacie Greene

Tasha Laranjo

Thessa Bos

Victoria Hammel


Ashleigh Megson 

Christie Miller 

Claire Christie 

Esther Robertson

Ginny Borolov 

Jane Herring Choate

Kathie Wickstrand Gahen

Kerstin Bardua 

Lia Barrad 

Louise Lovdahl

Marina Galletis 

Marti Nelson

Melissa Frey 

Melissa Kay

Rebecca Pradt

Valérie Krief 


Catherine Reichlin

JJ Lassberg

Lynn Murphy

Marion Glober

Nikki Widdicombe


Adrienne Wohn

Dee Read

Doris O’Brien

Joyce Brahm


Gayle Jamail

June Fisher

Karen Coren

Martha Preble

Mary Walilko

Mary Beth Minick

Page Rossiter

Ro Getto

Roxy Grimshaw

Stephanie Chapuis

Suzanne Miller


Cassandra Ogier

Charlene B. Tosi

Cheryl Kramer

Christel Libiot

Dale Herink

Janice Reaume

Maureen Barnes

Sue Mayberry

Valerie Adamski

Congratulations to all of these women for their dedication to and their continued support of the mission of Woman Within International, as well as their local communities!

At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

Albert Schweitzer

The Rose Award Nomination Details






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