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The greatest gift is not being afraid to question.

(Ruby Dee)

How will I know if the Woman Within Weekend is right for me?

We trust that each woman intuitively knows what is right for her. The Woman Within Weekend provides the tools to delve deeper into your own inner wisdom and to find the answers that are right for you. The weekend is designed to support you on your journey. ​​

How long is the Woman Within Weekend and who staffs it?

The Woman Within Weekend takes place from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. There are typically 16-32 participants and 24-34 staff women. The participant-to-staff ratio is 1:1. The staff are all women who have completed the weekend themselves, so they have walked this path too and are now stepping up to walk this path with you.  For some it’s their first time staffing and for others, they have staffed many many times. The leadership team on a Woman Within Weekend consists of 5-10 women who have received extensive practical and theoretical training in facilitating personal growth work for women. Our program is based on the concept of women  empowering women.

How many women attend per Weekend?

There are typically between 16 and 32 participants on a Woman Within Weekend.

What exactly happens on the Weekend? 

Based on 30+ years’ practice around the world, the Weekend is a series of experiential activities, guided meditations and focused individual and group exercises. The Weekend is designed to help you break old patterns, to heal deep wounds and to reclaim your power. The journey within offers the opportunity to reconnect with your inner wisdom that knows what is right for you. The Weekend is a space for you to find your own solutions, to discover greater self-awareness and to discover the gifts which you hold inside.

Is the Weekend therapy?

No, the Woman Within Weekend is not therapy and it is not a replacement for therapy.  It is about self-discovery, whether you have done a lot of therapy or no therapy. Many women say the Woman Within Weekend meets them where they are and empowers them to get where they want to go.

Is the organization affiliated with a religion?

No, the Woman Within programs are not based on any religion, nor do we promote any one belief over another. The Woman Within programs blend a number of experiences drawn from many cultures and practices from around the world. We invite you to honor your own beliefs and spirituality.

Do you use rituals and why?

Some aspects from many cultures from around the world are woven into the Woman Within Weekend. These rituals help us to prepare and be open to the growth opportunities being presented, and we incorporate them with deep respect for their originating culture. We’ve also created our own ways of honoring the sacred feminine. ​

Is Woman Within a legitimate organization ?

Yes, Woman Within International is a registered not-for-profit, with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) corporation, with a federal tax ID (EIN) number of 38-3476615, so donations are deductible to the full extent of the law. We have also earned our Gold Start of Transparency Seal with GuideStar. Woman Within is founded on the principle of empowering women.

Is the Woman Within Weekend the same at all locations?

Yes, the Woman Within Weekend program is the same no matter where you attend, whether it be in the USA, France, Germany, South Africa, Australia, or the UK. Our leaders are experienced with our processes and all staff are trained. Each Woman Within Weekend follows the same outline, ensuring that all activities and sessions are offered in the same way.

Is what I do or say on the weekend confidential?

Yes, we ask all Woman Within Weekend participants and staff to agree to keep all weekend events confidential. Confidentiality is key in creating safety.

Am I too young or too old to attend the Weekend?

We welcome all women over the age of 18. Women in their 80’s have attended and gained from what they received from our workshops. ​

I want to attend a Woman Within Weekend with my friend/sister/mother/partner. Do you recommend this?

This is absolutely your choice. We recommend you discuss this with the woman with whom you want to attend and make your own decisions. The Woman Within Weekend can accommodate friends or family members on the same Woman Within Weekend, whether they be participants or staff members. You can be placed on two separate teams, allowing each of you to have your own individual experiences and yet be available to support and encourage each other.

My partner/friend/therapist wants me to attend the Woman Within Weekend. Should I?

Only you can answer this question. We urge you to attend the Woman Within Weekend for yourself – not to please someone else. The weekend is for you, and only you can decide when you are ready to come, when the time is right.

I can’t afford the Woman Within Weekend but want to attend. Do you offer financial support?

There is a set amount of financial support available, this also depends on the region and the amount of fundraising they have done. You can ask about financial support when registering for a weekend. ​

Can I arrive late or leave early?

No, this is not recommended. All experiences build upon each other. Missing a session or leaving the site will reduce the value of the Woman Within Weekend for you. ​

What if I want to leave?

Your safety is our priority. In the event that you would like to leave, you will meet with the Weekend Leader so she can ensure your safety in leaving the site. 

Do I have to sleep on site at the Weekend? I live only a few minutes away

Yes, the Woman Within Weekend is a residential program. If you have dietary, religious, health challenges, or disabilities that cause you to believe you cannot stay at the location, please let us know when you register for a weekend.​

What do I wear?

Most women wear very casual, comfortable clothes – loose fitting clothing, jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts are perfect.

What’s the food like?

Nourishing meals and snacks will be provided from Saturday morning through the end of the Woman Within Weekend. We do offer vegetarian options throughout the Woman Within Weekend. If you have special dietary requirements, you will have options available to you, which will be addressed when you register.

What about medications?

No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the Woman Within Weekend. Please bring and take your doctor-prescribed medications responsibly. We ask that you refrain from taking any over-the-counter medications.

Will I get enough sleep?

You will be given ample time for sleeping, to experience the most benefit from the Woman Within Weekend.

Is smoking allowed on the weekend?

Most sites are smoke free. There will be dedicated outdoor smoking areas. There are breaks when smoking is allowed in these specific areas. Please keep in mind some facilities might be in a wooded area and are restricted by fire regulations.

What happens after the Weekend?

After the weekend you will have the opportunity to join a Woman Within Circle either online or in person.  A Woman Within Circle is a group of women who have completed the weekend and wish to come together to support, encourage, and challenge one another in the continuation of their journey which began on their weekend. This circle is not intended to replace therapy. It is the opportunity to continue your healing, growth and connection.​

Are you connected to The ManKind Project (MKP)? 

The Woman Within programs are designed specifically for women and the The Mankind Project are designed for men. Both MKP and WWIL are not-for-profit organizations with certified organizational centers worldwide. Although the two organizations aren’t officially affiliated and don’t share protocols or sessions, they have a shared history that reaches back to their inception. Both organizations empower people to know themselves fully and to live a deeply authentic life that ripples out and benefits the world.

Is the Woman Within Weekend similar to MKP’s New Warrior Training Adventure?

The Woman Within Weekend supports women in reclaiming their sacred feminine. The New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) supports men to reclaim their sacred masculine. Our two programs are similar, and at the same time very different. The programs both stem from the same theory related to Jungian archetypes and they both offer an experience in which a person journeys deep within and finds something valuable that they need for themselves at this time in their life and the way in which we achieve this looks different for women and for men.

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