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Being of service to another person is an ancient tradition. Each small act, multiplied by many, transforms the world.

If you have completed the Woman Within Weekend you may return to staff future Weekends. As a staff member, women receive many gifts: continued growth, new skills, and deeper connection with other women. Staffing is a time when women get to know others in the community and form deep, lasting friendships. Many women find the staffing experience to be just as powerful as their initial Weekend. A Woman Within Staff Training is required before staffing the Woman Within Weekend® and is offered by each region. Please contact the region where you would like to staff and get the process started.

What I get out of staffing is an opportunity to connect with a loving, supportive network of women; to fully emerge myself in their authentic energy and to be truly present for others. There is no doubt when I staff I get as much from staffing as as I did from doing my Weekend, if not more. It’s a fantastic gift to be part of others’ Weekends and be witness to their experience. I love it, too, when I connect again with someone who says to me ‘You staffed my Weekend!

I wanted to say something to the women who staff the weekend. The experience on the weekend of being constantly surrounded by the love and support of all the woman was something so incredible and so special. For me to receive that has always meant that I would need to give away part of myself, to trust people with who I am as it is something one usually only gets from deep connections which takes time and trust to develop. The experience of having these incredible women (staff and facilitators), these loving, gentle, amazing women all there to support me and everyone else without needing to know us, without asking anything in return, without judgement was exceptional and deeply affirming and moving. This sense of being 'held' constantly the whole time in a safe space without the requirement that I BE anything was so deeply touching. It's impossible to describe what that was like - and all that was conveyed without words ! Just with their presence, with feeling, with their eyes, with their energy. It was not intrusive or overbearing. It was like being constantly held by strong, but gentle, hands. From the sound of their beautiful singing as our wake up calls, to their smiles and eyes that met us where-ever we were in the day, to the powerful energy of their circles that surrounded us, each one of them was part of our healing, our discovery, our growth. It was something I have never experienced in that way ever before and I say a deep, very deep, thank you.

Recent participant in South Africa

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