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We are a global community
dedicated to amplifying the
power & wisdom within
every woman.

Who we are

We are a women-led nonprofit that fosters women’s empowerment. We have many Communities around the world, and for over 35 years our global network has been supporting women to connect with their authentic voice and pave the way for others to follow. We help women to discover, embrace, and lead from their deep inner knowing.

What we do

Our work is rooted in the ancient tradition of women’s circles, where we gather to see, hear and hold space for each other. We offer in-person and online workshops, circles, coaching and inspiration. More than 16,000 women from around the world have gone through our 48-hour program, the Woman Within Weekend®.

Why we do this work

We live in a world where unconscious bias against women sets in early and impacts us all. We help women reclaim the parts of themselves that have been hidden, lost and/or stolen, so that they can stand fully in their power & wisdom. When we are connected to this place within, we create a flourishing world for ourselves & future generations

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Once you have reclaimed those lost parts you will never be the same. You will speak with a different voice, you will see with different eyes. You will no longer ‘act’ like you are all goodness and light because you have seen and known your pain. You will know you have a voice, you will know you can go deep within yourself and listen to the small voices inside of you that you can now set free so they will no longer hold you hostage by their mystery and emptiness....By making this journey, you will own the wholeness and power of who you truly are.

Char Tosi (founder)

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