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Why our work matters. Woman Within International Ltd. (WWIL) is a women-led nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying the power and wisdom that exists within every woman. For centuries, feminine power and wisdom have been misunderstood and marginalized, yet this is the very thing we need in order to face today's unprecedented challenges. Our global network of women have journeyed deep within, connecting with their authentic voice and paving a path for others to follow. We create a world where women know, embrace, and lead from this place of authenticity.
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We don't just empower women. It's how we created our organization. It's how we all got here.


Our story

In 1987, a group of women sat around a kitchen table asking, “ What do women need most?” The result: a program that came to be known as Woman Within. Its mission: to celebrate the unique power of women. Soon after, the first Woman Within Weekend® was held in Kenosha, Wisconsin – and since then, the program has reached thousands of women around the world. One member of this founding group, Char Tosi, carried the program forward and in 1999, Woman Within was established as a not-for-profit organization with an International board, an Executive Administrator, Regional boards and local community councils. Over time, many women have contributed to Woman Within’s development, weaving together their ideas to build on the original Weekend’s program design. Every Woman Within Weekend® brings new insights that help us continually flow with changes within and around us.

woman within leadership and structure


Our mission is simple: We empower women. Through our work, we create a world where women know, embrace, live & lead from their truth. We do this by inspiring women to connect with all parts of themselves & to a deep sense of their place in the world.

woman within leadership and structure

Core Values

Our core values are signposts that guide our work. They can be considered our North Star: Inclusion: We are a global community of women supporting women; Respect: Every woman has her own answers & pace. We stay “One Step Behind"; Integrity: We actively serve women. We are congruent in our thoughts & actions​.

woman within leadership and structure

Leadership and Structure

Our community is guided by an International Leadership Circle (ILC) & 11 Regional Leadership Circles. Together, we work to empower women around the world. If you have comments or questions about the mission, values and/or operation of our organization please click on the link below. 

woman within leadership and structure


The role of the Ombudswoman is to companion you through the process of resolution for complaints or grievances that are beyond the scope of local problem-solving.

Use the Grievance process here:

Grievance Policy  / Grievance Form

Whistleblower Policy / Whistleblower Form

For a fuller description of the role of the Ombudswoman, click here 

You can contact the Ombudswoman directly via email.

woman within founder char tosi

Welcome to Woman Within, a dynamic community of women who knows the strength of their femininity and are committed to letting their voices be heard. Over 30 years ago when femininity was seen as weak and women realized they no longer had to be “like a man” in order to succeed, this organization was conceived and birthed by a small group of women in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Since then thousands of women have listened to their inner wisdom and attended our programs to heal their innermost wounds and step into the power of who they are.

My wish for every woman is to discover and reclaim her magnificence. Just as a diamond has many facets, so does each individual woman. The healing of the world depends on each of us doing our part to heal ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world.

With loving appreciation,

Message from our founder


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