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When women lean into their authentic voice, they steer us all towards greater connection, integrity & abundance.

Discover the power & wisdom in your story

"As I became braver to be me, I learned to let others be themselves. Being able to tell the truth about me has had a magical effect. What I have found is there is so much more potential than carrying on self silencing, self blinding, stoicism or just plain ignoring. Having a place where I could grow trust and authenticity has been profoundly consoling and liberating. Being me, in connection with others who share the same commitment to look within themselves and tell the truth, has been life changing." (Monica)
The Wisdom Keepers: Cynthia
Dubem - Acceptance of Self
Megan - I can reach for the life I want
Lauren - I didn't know why I was angry and sad
Hilary - A Safe Place
Why I went to the Weekend
WWWC-It's a Journey 2013
What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.

Muriel Rukeyser

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