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We are at a pivotal moment in time, both as an organization and in the world. Join us in making the shift into a new paradigm.

The world is calling out for leaders who are self-aware, know that life is a process of consistent evolution, and who work not only for this generation but for all the generations to come. It may not know it yet, but the world is calling out for feminine leadership.  We can support this paradigm shift  by weaving it into every aspect of our organization: strategy, policy, leadership and programming.
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Transformation within the organization, the community, and ourselves. We are self-aware, and make our personal work a priority, continually expanding our own consciousness, in service to the whole.​

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To consciously use our roles to accelerate climates of learning and growth. Exposure to new perspectives, and insights that foster greater personal connection and foster  unprecedented levels of energy, passion, and creativity.

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Deep listening

Listening deeply to others and to the wise parts of ourselves. To interact with diverse groups inside and outside of our organization, and to listen beyond ego or judgment to hear what is being said.

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We are one organization and together we are so much more. We are creating ways to continually receive input from all areas and levels of the organization. To truly embrace the concept of collective ownership.

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Being authentic, transparent, accountable and willing to be vulnerable. Living our core values, vision and mission. To be an example of how we use our tools to show up in the world. 

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Miscommunication and interpersonal conflict in organizations are inevitable. We commit to use our tools and policies to take accountability and move through conflict.

The Change Circle and Our Global Leadership Conversations (GLC)

In 2021 our International Leadership Circle (ILC) received recommendations and guidance from the Change Circle, following a 2 year study of the organization mandated by Woman Within International Ltd (WWIL). We have already taken inspired action to implement some of these recommendations in the following ways:


Redefining leadership

  • In embracing the evolutionary process, the ILC adopted a new leadership structure 2 years ago, and dissolved the executive committee. We moved from hierarchical leadership into a new feminine paradigm of circle leadership. This circle structure is loosely based on the holacratic, sociocratic model as well as teal leadership, where accountability is key to everything we do. Through this lens, the organization is seen as a living entity, a beating heart that is always evolving into its potential.

  • In setting examples of how to  hold WWIL leaders accountable, we developed our Conflict Management Guidelines Policy, Grievance Policy & Form & Whistleblower Policy & Form

  • With a focus on creating shared agreements in order to be safe and supported, we developed and implemented a Code of Conduct and a Code of Conduct Commitment Form, that governs all those holding leadership positions in the organization. This form requires all leaders to recommit every 2 years.

  • To ensure organizational commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, we developed & implemented, in collaboration with the WWIL Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee our D&I Policy an D&I training policy.

  • An inspired and dedicated group of women created the 26 Day Racial Healing Journey endorsed by WWIL, which will become a prerequisite for all women holding leadership positions in the organisation.

  • In the spirit of deeper connection, collective ownership, collaboration and co-creation, for the first time, we are holding monthly Regional Leadership Circle meetings. All members of the regional leadership teams are welcome and we are now 1 year in.  

  • In being of service to our community we are in the process of:

    • Redefining our business model and impact to be sustainable

    • Creating an online Feminine Leadership Course

    • Creating an online FIT training program & a FIT training program for Leaders

    • Creating an adaptation of the FIT Training for women not wanting to join the facilitation track

    • Seeking out further D&I training opportunities created by WWIL.


Transformation and Interconnection

  • In our commitment to transformation and interconnection, we have created Global Leadership Conversations (GLC) to provide an opportunity for the community to reconnect with all parts of itself, to listen deeply, to be vulnerable and to answer the global call for racial justice, equity, diversity and inclusivity, to explore how we are aligning our actions with our core values and to connect us to a deep sense of Woman Within International’s place in the world. 



  • Ensuring our legal and ethical compliance, we undertook an organizational overhaul of all our policies

  • With the aim of empowering others, we decentralized  all our Intellectual Property (IP) Programming documentation and vetted circle training offerings to regions through the creation of a Leadership Resource Library. This is also a space where documented best practices from all regions is shared

  • With the core value of accountability, we carried out a thorough financial overview, and implemented new systems to ensure compliance and deeper understanding of our current financial business model.

  • To show our commitment to transparency we registered with GuideStar and received our “Gold Seal of transparency”  


  • With a focus on innovative ways to diversify and utilize our IP, we are in the process of creating an inspiring range of online programs, generating passive income for the organization:

    • Through the creation of safe spaces, such as worldwide online open circles, with guidelines available to circle hosts and coordinators in our Leadership Resource Library. 

    • Online skills training

    • The Wisdom Hub - our online learning platform.

  • To continue developing a more inclusive global reach, we are striving to offer programs in different languages to have a more inclusive global reach.

  • To ensure that our volunteers remain energized (and avoid burnout), we are developing a streamlined registration processes and budgeting for the regions to work smarter not harder

  • We are committed to developing a growth & abundance mindset in our strategic thinking and planning, part of which includes using quality improvement tools to guide us in being open, curious and receptive.

  • We are committed to collaborate and co-create in the development of new initiatives.

I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet."

Isabel Allende 

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