We will all one day be the ancestors. What legacy will you leave? Let's dare to be authentic & brave leaders.

The world is calling out for a new way of leadership; one that values the feminine within us all. We can take responsibility to change our corner of the world and, if we connect and support each other, we have the power to create a sustainable and thriving system. So let’s try new things, work outside our comfort zones and see change as an opportunity to grow. Let’s speak up when we might stay silent, reach out when we might isolate, and show up in ways that are authentically ourselves. 

Join the Facilitation Track

If you’ve dreamed of supporting women in taking the steps they need to reclaim lost aspects of themselves, then the Facilitation Track is for you. Our facilitators masterfully guide women to find the answers that resonate deep within. They receive hands-on training through a rigorous certification process and, once fully certified, receive a fee when they facilitate at a Woman Within Weekend®. 

Join the Team Leadership Track

The Weekend cannot happen without the skills of the Team Leader. She organizes the entire team of staff volunteers to give of their best in their individual roles. If you are calm under pressure, can juggle many tasks and can motivate women to work together, we need you in this valuable role. Team Leaders are paid a fee when they lead a Woman Within Weekend®. 

Support your local region

Each region relies on the volunteers within it's local communities to make the magic happen. Maybe you want to start a circle, host a celebration or organize a community event. Perhaps you have skills in technology, photography, marketing, organization, languages or fundraising. ​​ Our regions are always looking for women who have passion and energy to contribute. Contact your closest region today.

Join the ILC

Do you have skills and experience that can contribute to the sustainability and vision of Woman Within? Join the International Leadership Circle (ILC) and participate in the organization’s delivery of its vision, mission and values. There are many leadership positions, community contacts, and technology specialists that help support our organization. Contact the ILC today.

I trusted myself and I trusted others. I am expanding and honing my skills as a FAC. I lead my team with grace and remain open to feedback
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Muriel Strode


Phone: +1 510-210-5005
1954 Mountain Blvd. #13015
Oakland, CA 94611, U.S.A.

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