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Our programs create a space for women to know themselves, find their authentic voice & be a force of change in the world.

Connect with your power & wisdom.

Reconnect with the part of yourself that intuitively knows what is right for you – your ageless wisdom - and get to know which parts of you need more recognition and understanding. Our programs are rooted in the ancient tradition of women’s work and circles, where we gather to see, hear, and support each other. In this space, you can explore the answers that feel right for you.
I took my place in a circle of powerful women who were there to be authentic. There was no posturing or whining. Instead there was a willingness to be real and vulnerable. And a willingness to change things that weren't working. I learned to love all aspects of myself.


A snapshot of our Weekends: 2017-2019

Women were asked to rate their weekend experience on a scale of very satisfied to very dissatisfied, this is what they said:
This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter. Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway. Step around the poisonous vipers that slither at your feet, attempting to throw you off your course. Be bold. Be humble. Put away the incense and forget the incantations they taught you. Ask no permission from the authorities. Slip away. Close your eyes and follow your breath to the still place that leads to the invisible path that leads you home.”

Mirabai Starr

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