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Empowering women across the Western USA . Tap into the support, training & tools you need to deepen your inner wisdom.

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Find a local circle

All women are invited to visit a local Open Circle where you will meet others in your community seeking connection and growth. The next step is to complete the Circle Training, and from there you can join a regular Woman Within Circle. Reach out to a Community Contact to join a circle or find out more.

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Register for a program

We offer a variety of workshops including the Woman Within Weekend and Circle Training. Visit the Calendar and explore upcoming regional programs using the search word WUSA. You can also join our Facebook Group or follow us on Instagram where we will regularly post upcoming programs and events.

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Staff a Weekend

Once you’ve completed a Woman Within Weekend, you can return to support other women as they reclaim their authentic selves. Staffing is a wonderful way to make deep, lasting friendships, and connection with other women seeking personal growth. Click here for staffing information.


Apply for a scholarship

The Woman Within Weekend is a life-changing experience. Our hope is that no woman misses out on this opportunity due to financial constraints. We provide partial financial aid to a limited number of women each weekend on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to complete a scholarship application or contact our Scholarship Coordinator.

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Donate to our Region

When you donate, it allows us to continue helping women empower themselves. This life-altering work enhances families and communities across the Western USA. With your assistance we will continue to train leaders, develop new programs, and introduce more women across the West to all that our organization has to offer. Donate today.


Shop in our store

When you shop in our store, every purchase helps us fund our programs and events. Proceeds go towards creating pathways to self-discovery, connection, and transformation for women in Western USA. Gift an item to a loved one, honoring a significant achievement, supporting their inner growth, or recognizing a personal milestone. Shop today.

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Meet our leadership team

The Board of Directors for Woman Within Western USA collaboratively and strategically guide and lead the successful delivery of our Woman Within Weekend, Circles, and other programs. Together we set and hold the vision, mission, and values of the organization and direct the operational delivery plan and policy.  Get to know / contact our team.

Contact us

Woman Within Western USA
1579 13th Street
Arcata, CA 95521

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