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Journeying beneath the surface of every-day life takes courage and the strength to be vulnerable. We help women by asking transformative questions, listening deeply and trusting that every woman knows what she needs in each moment.  Since our inception in 1987, more than 20,000 women have gone through our 48-hour program, the Woman Within Weekend®. Women have joined hundreds of Woman Within Circles around the world where they find ongoing support and connection.  

Online courses, coaching and more...

Visit The Empower Hub to find:

  • The online Skills Workshop

  • A selection of webinars and courses developed by women in our community

  • Opportunities for growth with our Woman Within Coaches

  • The 26-Day Racial Equity Journey 

  • Free content to deepen awareness, connection and support. 

Facebook community

We offer two private Facebook Groups where women can find ongoing connection: The Woman Within at Home Group is a place for all women (whether or not they have gone through our programs). This is a space for all women to gather together in a journey of self-growth and discovery. We share check-ins, mindfulness & wellness practices, skills-building, and personal stories from our community of women. The Woman Within Weekend Graduates Group is a place where women can interact with other women who have completed their weekend.

New program opportunities

We believe in unlocking women's full potential and and amplifying their gifts and strengths. Do you have a dynamic program or an idea for a program that you would like to see hosted by Woman Within International? If so, we would love to hear from you. The process to get started is very simple. Click here if you are interested in knowing more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Set up monthly donations

Donate to a WW International & your chosen Region in one monthly donation.

Sponsor a sister

Donate directly to scholarships through our Judith Pauly Scholarship Fund. Approximately $695 covers the full cost for one woman to attend the Woman Within Weekend®. Any amount is welcome, and every cent counts!

Donate to the general fund

Donate to our General fund so that we can continue our work. The money donated will go towards: Programming​, outreach, diversity training, regional financial support when needed, professional staff training (including Weekend Leaders, Facilitators, and Team Leaders for our programs), website maintenance, marketing, administration fees for organizing and registering for our programs, insurance, legal fees, and workshop expenses for International workshops like Level 2, Skills etc.



we are

We live in a world where unconscious bias against women sets in early and impacts us all. We help women reclaim the parts of themselves that have been hidden, lost or stolen, so that they can stand fully in their power and wisdom. When we are connected to this place within, we create a flourishing world for ourselves and future generations. 

Misty Mountains

Who we are

We are all role models for the generations that will follow. When we step into feminine leadership we demonstrate balance, insight, and empathy. We create space for creativity, inclusiveness and collaboration, unlocking potential in others as well as focusing on the greater good.

26-Day Racial Equity Journey

The Journey is a free self-guided experience towards greater understanding of racism and racial inequity. Each week has a theme and offers carefully curated materials to watch/read and questions to ponder. The materials are in a specific order, intentionally creating a Journey that goes deeper and deeper. At the end of 26 days you will have a wealth of knowledge to help you understand these issues, tackle difficult conversations and take action to effect change.  The journey is available to all adults and genders.

Unpacking power, privilege & difference

Designed for all people with a background in soulful work, this training provides a common language and common ground for multicultural dialogue and relationships. We are doing this urgent and essential work so that we can have cogent, meaningful, and deep discourse at a time when understanding one another is the only way we can move forward. We will do exercises to experience how the “isms” live in our bodies, practice together to explore the model’s effectiveness, and put together a toolkit that will be useful in daily interactions. 

Unconscious bias & diversity workshop

There is a focus on diversity and inclusion worldwide and each of us have an important role to play. This workshop is a good place to start exploring your role and a great place to deepen your understanding. This workshop will increase awareness of difference and compassion to difference; explore your conscious and unconscious biases; increase awareness of when and how unconscious bias occurs & why it's important to understand; strategies to counteract potential unconscious bias; and raised curiosity of how to contribute to D&I in everyday life.

What's happening on social?

Daily inspiration, stories and events shining light on women's power & wisdom around the world.

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